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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 2, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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geraldo this is a fox news alert. i'm better better reporting that the standoff continues in midland, alabama with a 65-year-old survivalist named jimmy lee dykes still who willing the five-year-old autistic child hostage in the underground bunker. on day five of this bizarre kidnapping jonathan serrie s on location. authorities just canceled the
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news conference they planned for right now. any idea why? >> authorities issued a written statement by e-mail saying that they simply did not have any new information to brief. so they canceled the in person briefing that they have been having every night often appearing before the cameras only to say that there is no information to rehe lease. instead, sending out the written statement to news organizations by e-mail, geraldo. >> geraldo: are they still in touch with dykes as far as you know? >> they are, indeed. that was one of the pieces of information that they did release in the written statement tonight say they are maintaining a line of communication 24 hours a day for any time the suspect wants to talk. that line of communication comes in the form of a pvc pipe that serves as an air vent from the surface down into that underground bunker. they have been using the pipe not only to communicate but also to lower items, comfort items to the child. those items have included
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potato chips, toys, and medicine and police say that jimmy lee dykes has agreed to allow the items to continue to flow, geraldo. >> geraldo: has he allowed the child to speak to authorities? >> that we don't know. the authorities have not said whether or not they have allowed the child to talk. they have only mentioned that they are in communication with the suspect. >> geraldo: on tuesday, when dykes stopped that bus jonathan, shot that driver, four times, killed him, why did he kill the driver? >> you know, witness statements according to witnesses being the kids on the bus, the driver, mr. poland actually tried to block the gunman according to witness accounts the gunman first came on the bus demanding two hostages. the driver positioned himself between the gunman and most of the children on the bus and that s when allegedly opened
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fire, killing the driver. people in this community say that mr. poland s a hero. his funeral is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow and the they are going to be holding it at the ozark civic sen it teresa payton because they are are expecting literally thousands of people to show up for this hero's funeral, geraldo. >> geraldo: jonathan is serrie, thank you very much. the small alabama town getting ready as jonathan reports to bury charles poland the beloved 66-year-old bus driver shot and killed tuesday when refused to let this nutty survivalist on his bus. another reminder that gun violence is out of control especially though in bigger cities like new orleans where the super bowl is about to be played and in detroit and in chicago where the reverend jesse jackson led a march today
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commemorating the life of the 15-year-old majorette who performed at president obama's inauguration. the teenager shot in the back killed also on tuesday. now, before i tell you why i think the assault weapons ban that the president is seeking is almost beside the point when it comes to gun violence, let's see how new orleans and other violence-plagued cities are dealing. the super bowl just hours away. security sky high in the big easy. >> i can stand here and it tell you without a doubt that this week there is no safer place to be than the city of new orleans. >> that is a comfort for many thousands of visitors to the city struggling to recover from the plague of violent crime crime that followed hurricane katrina in 2005. >> when you hear the stories it breaks your heart to know that they have been able to see first hand what is going on in the streets. >> this 11-year-old boy almost didn't make it. in may of 2012 gunmen using
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assault weapons fired on his birthday party. his cousin and another innocent bystander were killed. this youngster was shot in the neck and leg. >> he was one of the fortunate ones where he got shot twice but he is here through god's grace. you know, to tell the story. >> geraldo: in terms of violence since katrina, new orleans has run neck and neck with a similar are size city. detroit has long been notorious. in the 1950s and '60s, hoffa and his thugs ruled. already in decline in the 1970s, detroit became the nation's murder capital. by the 1980s, detroit was so bad hollywood decided only a robot cop could clean up the streets. >> detroit has a cancer. the cancer is crime. arrest.the woman go. >> today with murder back to its highest rate since the bad old days there is a new cop in charge. he is someone with a deeply personal reason for wanting to clean up the motor city.
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his brother was killed on these mean streets. >> i think i prepared myself. i think this department has prepared me. i think the community has prepared me. i'm ready to roll up my sleeve and get started today. >> geraldo: live from detroit we wish him luck, the acting police chief chester logan joins us. thank you rep for being onboard tonight. mind telling us how and when your twin brother was killed? >> thank you for having me, first of all. i serve north dakota vietnam in 1968. in june of 1968 my coming home party so to speak was my brother being killed. he was i had twin brothers younger than me. one year younger than me and the oldest of those twins was killed by gun fire in detroit. >> geraldo: so sorry. what a way to come home from the blood shed of vietnam.
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chief, since the sandy hook school massacre there has been an intense focus on keeping assault weapons, you know, the ar 15 et cetera out of the hands of maniacs but you statistically aren't far more kids killed in cities like detroit, like new orleans, like chicago by thugs using illegal handguns? >> i would say you are absolutely correct there. but we do have to get your arms around the assault weapon issue. >> geraldo: granted we want as many weapons off the street as we can get. since the assault weapons ban is not going to help, here is the adei have been preaching. adopt new york's stop and frisk policy in the higher crime neighborhoods. if you have a precinct where the violent gun crime rises above a certain threshold.
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i think we should use stop and frisk everywhere. i know you are take the gang unit and disbanding that and putting more cops on the street. why not have them adopt this new york this highly successful new york policy where you stop and frisk someone the cop thinks has a reasonable suspicion he is carrying one of these illegal handguns. in other words, not so much gun control as criminal control? >> i understand what you are are saying, sir, are but you here in the city of detroit our police department s hopefully in the near future will be emerging from a consent judgment that we have been under for the last almost ten years. when we talk about stop and frisk the main thing we need with stop and frisk not only in detroit but almost virtually any city in america you have got to have probable cause. and that is what we preach here in detroit. you have got to have probable cause. >> geraldo: don't you in some of these neighborhoods with
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some of the gang bangers and some of the other -- i tell you there is three guys hanging around on some dark street corner and there is nothing around or they are obviously any reasonable person would say they are up to no good. can't the policeman approach them and say hey guys, what is up and if he is not satisfied with the answer say i'm going to frisk your pockets? >> yeah, one of the things that the officer -- the main thing the officer has to show is that he has a reasonable suspicion to stop and frisk that person. we just don't want to randomly search people. we can't do that. we have to have probable cause and then if we have probable cause if we can articulate probable cause we can do our stop and frisk. >> geraldo: chief, i'm out of time but i wish you the best. i really do. such a tough job ahead of you. we thank you for your service to your country in vietnam and now as the chief of detroit. hopefully you can help the
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motor city pull out of its morass of gun violence. thank you very much. >> we will. and thank you. >> geraldo: i know the president is going to minneapolis tomorrow, folks to talk about gun violence. i wish he would back this plan i'm i telling you. national stop and frick. any police precinct or city in the country where the gun violence is above a certain level the cop has the right if he has any reasonable suspicion to go question and frisk those people. that will be far more effective in stopping gun violence than all of the assault weapons bans we could possibly think of. not that they are bad i'm all for them and criminal background checks but i think you have to start with the crooks, not the guns. i think that is the better way. up next, will jodi arias take the witness stand in her own defense? an exclusive with the roommate of the man she is accused of killing. and joe thei is smann here to talk about everything from ray
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lewis to why a certain ravens cheer leader was not allowed to fly with the team to the big game. big joe coming up. don't go away. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk.
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>> did you tell him that you feel you can't trust him any more? >> yes, at that time i did say that. >> did you tell him that you felt cheated and lied to? >> yes. >> did you think that it is appropriate given everything that they claim that he put you through do you think that it is appropriate to take a knife and slash somebody's throat? >> irrelevant. >> geraldo: that is the jodi arias trial. before i get that, i have to give you this one statistic relative to detroit. and chicago. chicago has three and a half times the murder rate of new york. detroit has 386 murders. 386 murders last year. new york had 440 odd murders last year. detroit has a population of 700,000.
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new york has a population of 8.4 million. detroit has over 12 times as many homicides as new york. new york has stop and frisk. detroit does not. chicago does not. ladies and gentlemen, a national stop and frisk law. that is what we need. okay. now, to jodi arias. excuse me. i feel strongly about this and i don't know why people are so blind to the obvious. but to make her claim of self-defense, jodi arias' claim of self-defense believable she has no choice. she really has to take the witness stand. since she has changed her story time and time again how convincing can she possibly be? taylor searle. is that how you say it, taylor? >> searl. >> you were a roommate of travis alexander. did jodi ever try to con you? >> no, right away when i met her i kind of saw what she was all about and didn't really get
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a good vibe from her and pretty much kept my distance throughout her relationship with travis. >> geraldo: tell me how she got your antenna up? what was it about her? is it just monday morning quarterbacking looking back and say a-ha or did you at the time say there is something hinky about this woman, i don't trust her? >> it was at the time. i didn't really think oh, this s a woman who is going to become a stalker and possibly kill my friend but at the time when i met her she had kind of staked a claim on him and seemed kind of possessive the first time that i met her at his house and i thought it was kind of overbearing and just got a bad vibe from her as someone who was close to travis and how clingy she was. >> geraldo: when you heard that travis had been killed did you immediately figure that she might have been responsible? >> yeah. and i was one of the first people on the scene that had told the police that i really thought it was her and right when we found that he was dead
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i side of suspected here immediately. >> geraldo: you suspected her. do you believe that she can make an effective self-defense argument? s there something about your friend perhaps you did not know that he was a menacing sort, that he had a schizophrenic jeckle hyde personality. you know what the defense attorney will attempt to do in making the self-defense claim? >> if that is true then he was really good at it because he got hurt a lot even after he was dead. i think she is grass it ping at straws to find whatever she can to find on. even the fact all they are trying to do is find procedural errors to get the case thrown out. they will do or say whatever they need to to try to get out of this. i think everyone who watches can tell it is just a lie like everyone else she says.
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>> i'm laced to the case. i know she was arrested back in 2008. she has been in jail a long time. she has this angelic look i assume five years ago was even more so when you look at her and when you looked at her back then in the day, what -- what was it that would cause this woman to commit a crime so filled with rage to stab your friend over two dozen times to slit his throat and then shoot him in the head? what the hell is going on here? >> i don't think that any one cannance that question. i don't even think jodi probably could answer that question why she did it looking back. because it is so unfathomable for any one who has any kind of rationale. the fact that it happened is the only reason that we know it is possible. otherwise it is inconceivable. i have no idea. >> geraldo: because of that, don't you fear there will be one or two members of this jury who will look at her and say she is incapable of doing this
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out of malice? >> i really try not to think about what the jury is going to think or say because it turns my stomach to imagine that her spell could be put on someone that is going to be deciding her fate. it is something i really don't like to think about. it is a scary, scary thought, though. >> geraldo: no doubt but that she did it? >> i mean she definitely did it. >> geraldo: that this was premeditated capital murder? >> i think nobody who watches this can doubt that that is the case. if this isn't first-degree premeditated murder, i don't know what would be. into taylor, i appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> geraldo: so folks, did ray lewis the ravens linebacking great really use a banned substance? we will hear from the sports illustrated reporter who broke that story. here he is. and hear from two ex-pros who
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so to even entertain stupidity like that tell him to get a st. >> geraldo: many football fans feel if that man the ravens linebacker ray lewis is off, you know, then the 49ers have a pretty gooded shot here. if lewis on the other hand can dominate baltimore the ravens win. how distracted will that future hall of famer be by this story about some kind of spray made from the antlers from a deer. day rid welcome. remind us when did ray lewis allegedly use this stuff and it was illegal then? >> well, he allegedly used it or at least ordered it. i never saw him use it but i had a taped phone conversation where he asked for it and i confirmed with him details of that conversation in mid october after he tore his tricep as part of his recovery. >> geraldo: so talking about october of 2012. >> that's right. that's correct. just a couple of months ago
10:26 pm
when tore his tricep and it wasn't clear if he would be back for the season at all. this was apparently part of his rehabilitation routine. >> geraldo: but david this isn't a spray that you put on the wound. not like something to numb the injury. something you in guest orally. >> that you spray under your tupping. the spray made from the extract of deer antler velvet and you spray it under your tongue. >> what is the active agent that mimics some performance enhancing drug. >> the extract itself contains insulin type growth factor which is a hormone that can cause muscle building. the reason athletes take human growth hormone s to boost the levels of this. it is meant to be injected so really is suggestion spect whether it would even work whether he injected it or not. >> geraldo: where do you stand on this? did ray lewis in your opinion
10:27 pm
order something that he knew to be a banned substance or possible that deer antlers so ex-outic that he had no idea. >> i think he knew because he had give ton the specific company testimonial some years ago and then asked for the testimonial to basically be taken down when the company became controversial and in the phone call he is asking to have it sent to him and i confirmed with ray lewis in person that that conversation happened. i think he sort of at least knew that the company was not looked kindly upon by the nfl. >> geraldo: and this is s.w.a.t.s sports. >> sports with alternatives to steroids is the name. sort of funny that they pitch them isselves as alternatives to steroids and their most famous product contains a banned substance. >> they said you pretended to be somebody else to communicate
10:28 pm
to get him to reveal certain things. is that true? >> he wanted me to write an article how this was offering an alternative to steroids and it could reduce or reverse the signs of als and it was clear to me that that s the article that he hoped for. i read about sports science and medicine. i was going to evaluate the scientific claims critically and i never suggested to him otherwise. >> david epistein, senior writer for sports illustrated. if there was a pill
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live from america's news headquarters i'm lauren green. a leftist militant group claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide attack in turkey made with the outlawed people's liberation party front. the attack killed the bomber and turkish security gurd, authorities say the attacker
10:32 pm
lobbed a hand grenade then detonated his explosives. >> and a new york woman who disappeared has been found dead. turkey state run news agency condition firming the body discovered saturday not far from a bridge where she planned to take pictures before returning to the u.s.. she had been exploring her photography hoby. police questioning people in connection to her death. i'm lauren grown, now back toger rald yes at large. large." >> geraldo: welcome back, everybody. kelly ripa is really going to be upset. her cohost michael strahan the former defensive end did not make the profootball hall of fame. he was eliminated today on the final ballot. too bad, michael. he was a great one. and they make an adorable couple together. former giants jets patriots head coach bill parcells did make the hall of fame.
10:33 pm
meanwhile, robert griffin iii voted the nfl rookie of the year. and the man who set the moment when it comes to the great, washington quarterback, the winner of super bowl xvii joe theismann from new orleans and the mighty linebacker for the philadelphia eagles. dawdh. in i, do you you miss is volcano a a sense of longing when you look at the ravens and 49ers about to talk field. >> when you are hear you reminisce about the game and remember the plays. joe and i were just talking about one of the plays and actually playing in the super bowl and how fantastic an experience that was and actually being down in the camaraderie and fanfare and being a part of the entire experience. >> geraldo: before i talk about all of those various distractions, joe, how proud of
10:34 pm
you -- how proud are you of our robert griffin iii, rg 3, rookie of the year for the skins. almost took them deep in the mayoffs. >> i hope you can tell the smile on my face. i'm so proud of this young man. such a great representative of his family, of the washington redskins, of the national football league. we are seeing a couple of young guys come into the game, geraldo that are really revolutionizing to a degree certain aspects of the quarterback position and robert has brought so much enthusiasm and excitement back to the washington redskins. it has literally been almost 15 years since the people have is gotten that excited about one individual being able to play quarterback. >> geraldo: do you think maybe it was because of rg 3 and the success of the skins after so many years that baltimore kind of small market next to the the bigger washington market that the ravens were so overlooked? i was shocked when i heard they were 11-5 finally. i paid so little attention to
10:35 pm
the ravens during the season. do you think that is why they were overlooked that r g3 got all of the ink? >> probably there was a little bit of that. the ravens were not a team to be overlooked. remember they played in the afc championship game a year ago. had it not been for a possible missed kick or dropped pass they probably would have been there last year and lost four of the last five games. they lost a lot of that power going forward, thallus teresa payton towards the end of the season where everybody talked about the abilities of robert. redskins made a push at the end of the year by winning 7. the ravens went on a loss four out of five. a little more momentum and attention garnered towards the washington redskins in that regard. >> geraldo: dhani, you played in what, 160 odd games consecutively. you know, i can't imagine how you must have been banged up in some of those games as fiercely as you played. before i get to your career and your resilience, do you think they should have played rg 3 at
10:36 pm
the end when his knee was so obviously hurt and everybody was watching and the guy was practicalally a cripple and he was still out there on the field? should they have yanked him out there earlier to save him, the way they saved the washington national pitcher when they pulled him out? >> strauss berg. >> hard to tell the leader of the offense and team to sit down. hard to tell ray lewis look we will put you on injured reserve because the fact you are not going to be able to make it back for the super bowl or the playoffs. so i think it as difficult decision for any coach for any team to make towards their leader. and you know, as a player, as a captain, i never wanted to come off the field. i knew there was a guy waiting to take pi my position. i know there was a guy waiting for me to shut it down, if you will. and when you you know that you you have the team on your shoulders and you are are really carrying them you will do anything and everything you can in order to stay on the
10:37 pm
field. >> it is robert's nature geraldo that he doesn't want to come off the football field. 80% of robert griffin iii was better for the offense the way it was constructed than if he didn't. he hobbled around against the cowboys in the last game of the season and well and became more and more obvious that he had a problem but something that he felt like he could struggle through. and we he don't give coaches a chance to take us off. they do have our best interest. we sort of avoid them. when we come to the sidelines you don't walk by the coach when you are limping. you get right to the ended of bench where they have to come and find you if they want to talk to you. >> geraldo: bring it to the quarterbacks in the big show tomorrow. flacco and kaepernick. the did i rent approaches. the rookie and the other, flacco not give and lot of credit by the sports writers. who do you give the edge to quarterback wise, joe? >> from a quarterback standpoint joe flacco has the
10:38 pm
experience. theirs s an on the field throw the football far type of offense. with colin a question of reading and running the new style of offense that they have the right option. to give an advantage to the quarterback in the case here colin kaepernick throws the ball well. joe flacco. he was offered a contract and decided to become a free agent. after the game tomorrow night he will be an unrestricted free agent and he took the cannons and said you know what, i believe i'm pretty darn good. i do believe i'm he an elite quarterback. i will go prove it. i admire him tremendously for believing in himself and basically saying i can get a done now you are going to have is to pay me. show me the money. >> show me the months of private sector.
10:39 pm
>> geraldo: right. dhani i gave you the credit for the consecutive game record i should have given to screen. you have the big game tomorrow. i mentioned everything going on with ray lewis in his life and people regurgitating the double homicide back in atlanta not the year 2000 and now the deer andler spray. distraction. already are have the massive distraction of the fact that everybody in the world is watching this football game. tdo you worry, dhani that ray lewis might not show up tomorrow? >> who worries about ray lewis. the man has played the game for as long as i can remember. the only played the game 11 years so he was in the league before i got there and he has been in the league now sense i left. >> after you you left. >> after i left. here is a man that scrub stands pressure. he underand its the scrutiny. he understands the spot light and he also understands that he has to win the game. he understands that he has to play at his best. he is not going to let any sort of distraction take him out of
10:40 pm
his game because he by far and by any one's understanding is the game. that defense rallies around him. joe flacco rallies around him. he is the heartbeat of the team and who distraction will ever come to him. >> when you stop and think about it, anybody that comes out of the tunnel and daps the way that ray does -- and dances the way that ray does. >> i'm getting fired up now thinking about it. >> the last thing he is worried about is attention and the last thing he will be is distracted when gets ready for the football game. this is his moment. like john elway. your last opportunity to be able to leave the imprint that you want and the think is you are going on on your terms with another ring on your finger. remember, the last time the ravens were here he was the mvp of the super bowl. >> geraldo: you have colin kaepernick you you talk about flacco has been in more seasons than colin has started games or something like that. has everybody christened their biceps there in new orleans
10:41 pm
right now, joe? >> i don't want to say anything but if i had a big enough bicep i might be able to kitts it to be honest with you. a little hard to get up. i think the expression of the young guys and excitement and enthusiasm and love for the game. all of the young guys have brought a new energy back to. football. so many first and second year quarterbacks come in. a new brand of football and i'm excited to win the game. >> five seconds each. who wins tomorrow. in. >> baltimore. i think they stop the right option. >> dhani? >> battle mar. ray lewis mvp. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. thanks. a lot of fun. >> thanks, geraldo. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: the ray lieu you which is deal is not the only controversy affecting the baltimore ravens. why wasn't this cheer leader are allowed to accompany the team to new orleans. back in a flash with that one. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire.
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but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> geraldo: she 1 gorgeous. one of the cheerleaders for the super bowl favorite baltimore ravens but guess what, 2-year-old courtney lenz did not receive an invitation to what would have been the biggest game of her life. why didn't the ravens invite her? was it because of courtney's weight. she joins us from her hometown of baltimore. thanks for being with us. what happened? why weren't you invited? >> when i got the e-mail last week i thought it was a mistake. i'm a five year veteran. i thought for sure that i would be going to super bowl ending my career in new orleans. when i asked the director i requested a conference call the next day after i received the notification i wasn't invited and she just said i had a rough year. she said that you know anybody that has some sort of disciplinary action taken towards them was automatically disqualified and the only displenary action i was benched
10:46 pm
for are two games during the season for gaining a little bit of weight. we get weighed once a week and i was 1.6-pounds over my weight so they benched me. >> and what kind of message does that send to ladies everywhere? >> the original goal was to go to super bowl. i want to open some eyes up. it is absolutely ridiculous that they put that much pressure on us. i actually have a good friend of mine that left the team during the season because she -- they wanted her to lose weight and she was like no, this is my healthy weight. we work out every single day. they want us to be tinier than average. what kind of message is that putting to the little girls and the role models and that is why i'm leaving the team. >> bitter, angry. >> going off a number on a scale is not a good measure and metrics of weight. they need to go off of percentage of body fat like other nfl teams do for the cheerleaders. you can fluctuate a few pounds and to be that critical on us it is ridiculous. they made me see a nutritionist and counseling because they wanted me to be small they are
10:47 pm
year and i did everything they asked and they still didn't let me go to super bowl. my fans are the ones that are outraged and this is what it led to. >> 1.6-pounds. i'm outraged as well, courtney. you look lovely to us. have a great life and i'm sorry you are going to miss the big game. >> i know. >> it is a silly decision from a franchise that seems to have their head screwed on right but definitely got this one wrong. >> i agree. >> geraldo: good luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: while this baltimore raven cheer leader getting all of the headlines this week my next guests want to remind us they will be at the super bowl on sunday cheering for colin and the san francisco niners. four of the gold rush girls and they join me from new orleans. hi, ladies. nice to see you. excited? >> we are so excited! >> let's start with christie, raise your hand. you are in your second year. you are a middle school teacher. how do you balance your teaching obligations with your
10:48 pm
fun on the field with the 49ers? >> we have a really great schedule because we have girls from all over northern california and southern california, we practice saturdays as a team but it leaves the rest of the week open for full-time careers so it works out great and i'm able to incorporate everything into my job, my students and the family love the 49ers and they love seeing me as a role model as the school. >> kristine, a veteran third year. what do you think about the courtney, the baltimore raven cheer leader who was thrown off the squad or not allowed to come to the super bowl because she was about two points overweight? >> you know, i'm just so excited that we got to be here and i know that they have a really large team and they have their own selection criteria and we are fully supportive of their decision. >> you guys don't have the big issues like big brother watching if you eat another slice of pizza. >> there s a ton of different
10:49 pm
criteria that every organization uses to decide and the ravens made the right decision that benefits the entire team. >> all right. well, i don't know. tina, tell us about yourself. what do you do in real life? >> i am on my second season with the gold rush and outside of gold rush i'm a registered nurse in san francisco. >> geraldo: so does this kind of extend your, you know, you are a cheer leader it is like be hing back in school in a way, isn't it 236789. >> just on a bigger scale. we are on a bigger stage and so is in that sense it is a lot of fun and i'm just so excited that i have been able to live out my dreams and be a professional dancer. >> geraldo: going to go from the super bowl to dancing with the stars? >> maybe. you never know. might see me over there. >> geraldo: so rachel, what do you do in real life? >> i'm a battery engineer and i work on batteries for electric vehicles. >> you don't look like most of the engineers i have seen on the job. are you allowed to fraternize
10:50 pm
with the players. what happens socially between you guys and the team? >> we only see them at games and charity events. it is two separate organizations. just like any job that you want to be professional and you don't want to date inside the organization. >> who is going to win this game? >> the niners! >> geraldo: good luck to the 49ers. good luck to you all. i really appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. coming up, chris kyle the former navy seal who wrote "american sniper" has one shot
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. chris kyle who detailed his 150 plus kills of insurgents in his best selling american sniper has been shot himself.
10:54 pm
shot at point blank range. apparently by another soldier. he was helping recover from post traumatic stress syndrome. in fact, two are dead we are told. police have captured a suspect. this happened southwest of ft. worth. they have captured a suspect south of dallas. we will bring you the latest details on this as they come in. first here is craig on the rebirth of the superdome in new orleans. >> the stage is set as final preparations go into sunday's super bowl xlvii here in new orleans, laz. but for the efforts of one man this stadium the mercedes-benz superdome might not be standing. >> it was just water everywhere. 70% of the roof was destroyed allowing the rain to come through and saturate all of the seats. >> august 29, 2005, hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans. the killer storm wrecked the crescent city, levees failed
10:55 pm
catastrophically. over a thousand dead. tens of thousands stranded. thousands homeless. >> the thing i will never forewas the smell. the smell of human waste, garbage. >> for five grueling days the laz superdome was refuge of last resort for 30,000 men women and children. throughout the scattere ordealg thornton was in charge. >> what it was like being through the storm seeing the pilaffed superdome being battered. >> that is the best way i can describe it. it was like watching a loved one or friend being beaten up by a bully and you are helpless to control it. so much frustration and thinking when is it going to stop. >> when it was finally over doug and his wife denise joined the liege of homeless. 7 feet of water inundated their home, destroying much of their
10:56 pm
belongings. >> once the storm cleared i never forget thinking to myself how in the world is it ever going to be the same. >> he describes flying over the superdome not knowing whether or not he would ever come back but decided to rebuild. when told you that that is what he wanted to do what was your impression? >> i must tell you, it was not a happy place in our home. i could not understand why he would use all of his energy and the millions of dollars to renovate a football stadium and a concert arena but there were no fans. everyone was gone. most of the people in this city were home heless. >> i would tell denise, you know, this could be a symbol of recovery if we could just turn that roof white again. that is a two million square foot building people will believe in the recovery. if you can renovate the building it will inspire. >> after engineers certified the building as structureally
10:57 pm
sound, doug helped begin the biggest stadium reconstruction started. $336 million in federal, state and nfl money going into what is now a state of the art facility. >> it did stimulate the rebirth of the city and what the superdome stands for today is something more than just a football stadium. an iconic facility that really shines as a symbol of our recovery. >> if you build it they will come. a year after the storm the superdome was again packed and the crowd joined a television audience of tens of millions tuning into an emotion charged new orleans saints victory over the atlanta falcons. >> what we are about to do here with super bowl is the manifestation of seven years of hard work by the community not only to bring the dome back but to bring the neighborhoods back. >> the economic impact of the super bowl alone is estimated to be half a billion dollars. ♪ oh beautiful --
10:58 pm
>> know super bowl xlvii kicks off the world will be watching, cheering not only the game but the remarkable recovery of this resilient city and another community which has suffered tragedy. this stirring rendition of "america the beautiful" as sung by jennifer hudson and the sandy hook elementary school choir. all children who survived december's awful massacre. >> seeing all of the history here, denise, what do you think of doug's decision to stay and rebuild? >> well, i think it was a good one. it turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened in our city. >> life and a party atmosphere that could only be experienced here in the french quarter has returned. and as the ravens and 49ers fans pour on to bourbon street many of them credit the laz louisiana superdome for its rebirth. geraldo, back to you. >> geraldo: enjoy the big game
10:59 pm


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